Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ready for Spring?

I know some of you are mightily weary of winter. You're buried in snow, beaten by wind, and bedraggled by cold. So here are a few pictures from Oriental to brighten your Sunday and remind you that spring is not far away! In fact, it's arriving in some places already.
Lots of people plant pansies in wintertime in warmer places. We have several pots around town.
These pansies live outside the Red Richshaw, a fancy furniture shop.
Just around the corner is the old wooden bench by the town's dinghy dock. Doesn't that sunshine look wonderful? It's warm on the face and seeps into the bones.
Three sailboats braved the Neuse today. Here's one:
And while we're looking at the Neuse, do you see the ducks? No?     (Let's zoom in ...)
There! Now you see the ducks! Look at all the ones in the distance.
I don't know why there are so many this time of year. Perhaps it's not duck season, and they know it's safe to emerge?
This spot of grass was The Goal of my bike ride this afternoon. I wanted to show you THIS:
Daffodils! In bloom!    Three of them!
Their droopy heads are so modest.
And nearby a lone crocus is bright as butter.
I hope these cheer you today, especially if you live in a colder place. Spring will come early here, and you can be sure I'll keep you abreast of all her movements. Meanwhile, if you get a sunny day, close your eyes and turn your face to the sun, and let it soak in. You'll feel better for it.


  1. You are a wonderfully kind person! Thank you for these images and sharing your beauty! I have been craving them. Though, I had a gorgeous walk today and I was thinking of you as I walked, because the photos I was taking, reminded me of yours in some ways. Maybe you'll see what I mean when I post them!xx

  2. As usual M.K. Your photography is beautiful. Makes me want to go visit your town. BTW I have enjoyed the different headers in your blog since I have known you, and you might be interested in the fact that my daughter has also snooped at your blog. She commented last night that she liked the blanket you are crocheting. ;-)

  3. The promise of spring are sure a refreshing sight! My pansies look very bedraggled, but they are blooming and I noticed some new red shoots on my rose bushes. The weeds seem to do well during winter. Henbit is everywhere! Love your photos!!!

  4. M.K.- I'm hoping for one more snow day. One more cozy, nestling day of rest. Lovely pictures, though! Not ready for spring cleaning, yet... Lori

  5. What lovely photos of the starting of this spring season.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Ah, yes! Spring is almost here! My daffodils are a bit late this year; they're planted on the north side of the house, and it's been a bit colder than they've liked. But soon...

    Now that it's warming up again, I'm making garden plans.

    Your lovely post was a welcome reminder of the beauty of this season, even though it's right between cold and warm!


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