Sunday, April 8, 2012

Around the Tables

Happy Easter, friends! Jesus Christ is the Risen King! I can only speak for myself when I say that I am thrilled that He is my King, and that I'm a daughter in His kingdom! When He died on that cross and came back to life, He ensured that I have a reserved spot in that beautiful, eternal kingdom. I live every day on this earth knowing that I'll live all of eternity on that New Earth -- safe, content, provided for, healthy, happy. It's His joy to do that for me. That's the gospel, friends!
So today we celebrated at church, and enjoyed Easter dinner together. Lo, the covered-dish:
And just so you won't worry that we went hungry, Lo, the dessert table:
I wanted to snap a few pictures of some very dear friends from church. Sometimes we forget to have photographs of those we see often, who are so familiar. Here are Peggy and Eric. Eric and I love to sing duets together. He has a fine tenor voice. Peggy is a dear.
Here are Wayne and Lynne. Can you tell they're crazy about each other? So sweet!
And here are Janie and Mo. Mo just got out of the hospital; he was very ill, and we're all so thrilled that he's home and on the mend! Again, these two are some of the sweetest, most generous, caring, loving people you will ever meet. Mo has a funny look on his face because I said, "Mo! Look healthy!"  And this is the look I got :) Wicked photographer!
Here's a great trio! This is Judy, Tom, and Judy's mom, Margery. What great people, and we are privileged to have them as neighbors. All these folks, and many more, sat around the church tables today, joyful that it's Easter, that God loves us, that Jesus died and rose again to give us eternal life with Him.
Then Adam and I drove Anna back to college. This is the third time in a week that we've driven that road, and back. This time, we drove by Table Rock. Here it is -- another glorious "table."
Have you ever considered where you'll be for eternity? Would you love to live on a gorgeous earth, just like this one, but minus all the nastiness -- and full of beautiful things like Table Rock? An earth full of blue skies and good soil, kind people and sweet animals, art and music and all things good? That's the gospel, friends. That's God's offer to you. If you long for it, then reach out to Him and accept that life. Because that's what eternal life, in His kingdom, will look like.
Happy Easter!

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