Monday, April 23, 2012

My Latest Senior --

Peter isn't really interested in senior pictures, so I had to snag a few (that's all he'd allow), when he was dressed up on Saturday for a wedding.
He's a fine-looking young man, if I do say so myself. He insisted on having his pictures taken on the dolphin toy at Silvermont. Sigh. He's still attempting to relive his childhood, it was so good.
It's a bit rare to get these two in a photo together. Soon she'll be the only one at home. Sniff!!
He's a sweet boy. Hard-headed, but sweet.
What do you think? Good senior shot?
(That's three high school graduates in four years, in case anybody's counting.)

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  1. Wow! I want my picture taken on the dolphin tale! Great idea!
    I find it so refreshing when young people have an opinion on this kind of stuff! Good thinkers!


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