Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Azaleas' Turn

In spring the flowers take turns. The crocus is most brave in snow, and then the daffodil, who is bold and insists he is first. Forsythia joins the party, and then the dogwood. Now? It is the azaleas' turn.
This is a salmon colored azalea. Butterflies were all over it.
Here's a pink-almost-red.
And here's a bright purple/pink. I believe every bloom on this bush was fully open yesterday.
More of the salmon. The colors are a bit hard to capture on film, with a nearly-dead camera, in bright sun.
After supper, we often go on a short walk. The wildflowers along the dirt road are out also.
Julia and Sandy. Sandy is looking at Adam, who is about to throw a rock for her to chase, and she's saying, "Put Me Down!!"
Julia laughs.
Ferns are prolific in these moist woods.
A neighbor's slope.
There's a long-standing mud-puddle on a lower road. Julia investigates.
Adam has pointed out to her the myriad tiny tadpoles in the murky water.
A little iris peeps up through some periwinkle leaves.
The woods are full of color and life. Everyone should take a walk after supper. It's so much more helpful than watching the news on TV!

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  1. Sandy's face is adorable! Look how happy she is! She fetches rocks? That's funny!
    The flowers are so gorgeous!


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