Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday already?

This week is flying by. Monday: Biltmore House all day. Tuesday: visit my friend Lynn in town. Wednesday: ladies church luncheon, and then a visit with my friend Carolyn. Thursday: knitting group and then a luncheon with those ladies. Friday: shopping in town with my mom all day. Phew! All that fun is exhausting! But I do love playing with all my friends.
What's on my mind these days? (I mean, besides various political and religious topics which I won't launch into this morning...) My brother's farm is on my mind. He grows blueberries. His whole year's income for his family lies in the hands of God, and particularly this time of year. One killing frost can radically alter their plans and their finances. We're praying daily for mild spring temps.
Max's pick--your-own blueberry farm in Renick, WV
Anna's on my mind. She's finishing up her first year of college, and she has done so well! I'm extremely proud of her. She's grown and matured spiritually in amazing ways. She'll be working this summer at the college, living in an duplex house with about five other girls, earning money and being more independent than she's been before. She has no clue yet just how much fun she's gonna have this summer! Once you have that first independent summer, life becomes exciting and you never look back.
Anna has this photo as her facebook profile cover photo, she loves her daddy SO much.
Peter's also on my mind. Finishing high school. Working his first job for the summer. (And no, it's not digging out stumps!) He's a happy, hard-working, hard-headed, longing-to-be-independent young man. We've done this leaving-home transition twice now with the other two, but it's never easy to shove a kid out of the nest. I'm praying for a smooth first year for him in college. I watched a show last night. On it, a man described the accident he had when he was 17. He jumped off a height, with a rope, supposedly to land in a deep pool of water -- a swimming hole. Only, he missed, and landed in 8 inches of water. He's been a quadriplegic for 15 years. All of us mothers of teen boys worry that they'll do some foolish, reckless thing like that. God preserve the silly teenage boys of this world!
Don't drop that stump on your head!
Philip. Travel plans and summer schedules are really complicated this year, and I'm doing my best to work out smooth plans for all these college kids, as they try to get where they need to be for the summer. He's had a great year of music, in his new major. He has a long way to go. At some point, we parents just have to gently lift our hands off their lives, and say, "I'm cheering you on! Do your best! Keep us posted!"
Oh yeah -- and those nice, prescription glasses Peter is wearing? They lasted about a month before he left them on a school bus and lost them. Sigh.

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  1. groan. glasses.

    do you know about or zenni optical? something like that. google it. You can get glasses for really cheap. you can upload a pic of your face and "try on" glasses, input your prescription, and about 6 weeks later they arrive. C found a pair he liked for $6, so he got two of the same, so we have a back-up pair. ha!

    I worked at Cov one summer. Wish I had done it sooner. My friend and I were working physical plant, and we'd bring our bathing suits and swim and tan for our hour-long lunch break and then change back into our work clothes. So much fun! heehee,. Hope Anna has a fun summer!


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