Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Very Happy Birthday

A very kind friend gave us 3 tickets to Biltmore House and Gardens, to be used anytime before next March. Isn't that sweet? I showed the tickets to Adam. I was thinking we would go sometime next fall. Guess what the first thing he said was? "It's my birthday tomorrow!!!" Oh yeah, that man loves a day at Biltmore.
This time I did not snap the predictable picture by the front doors with the lion statues. I didn't even get my camera out until we were away from the house and in the walled garden.
See those gray, billowy clouds? It was cold and windy all day -- uncomfortably so. Adam wore his wool suitcoat and old-guy hat, so he walked the grounds. Julia and I stayed indoors. Here's a shot of the greenhouse. Adam roamed in there; I did not. By that time, my feet were killing me.
On our way driving to Antler Village (a new place full of shops and restaurants, a winery and a separate exhibit on the Vanderbilts), we passed some geese crossing the road. Make way for goslings!
I thought this was a lovely plant to grow just outside the winery.
(They are very picky about where they allow photography; otherwise, I'd show you many of the glories of the house and the exhibit.)
They had one of George Vanderbilt's cars on display. It's a rather rare model from 1914.
I think Julia was a bit chilly. The roses, however, were fine with the weather.
Happy birthday to my dear husband. This year, he has been married as long as he was single in his life, a landmark that he's been eagerly anticipating. He truly loves being married, and I don't know that I can take credit for that. Some men are just happy with a wifely companion. I'm very grateful for him.

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