Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can It Be Any More Fun That This?

At knitting group today, we were very happy. Here's an old shot of our knitting group, from last autumn.
Julia has become a proficient knitter. She has fine, small, even stitches.
The sky was stormy this morning, and hail fell three times. This little sparrow flew into the window and dropped to the deck. He sat there, stunned, for about ten minutes.
At the same time, this squirrel was up on the deck ledge. When the bird fell, he peered down at the wounded animal, looking and inspecting, hovering. I couldn't decide whether he was concerned for his fellow seed-nibbler, or checking out his lunch.
Meanwhile, at the knitting table, here's Martha. She's making a gorgeous cabled shawl, and giving her weary hands a rest.
Joan is working on one of her very-cool scarves -- so ruffly and fun!
Hunter completed two squares today for her next afghan!
Today was special -- we had a knitters' luncheon! That broccoli salad was scrumptious :)
Our friend Blair was with us today. I taught her how to make the crocheted wash clothes. She did a great job! Mother is rather fond of her, as you see.
Hunter, me, mother:
I love this pic of Martha and Joan -- both such lovely ladies! Thank you, thank you, dear friends, for being such a comfort and joy to me this year.

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