Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Porch

Today Mother decided to clean her screened-in porch and prepare it for summer use. What a joy a nice porch is! Care to have some tea and sit a spell?
She swept the floor. After the long winter, and pollen season, it's pretty dusty out there.
There are mighty fine views from the porch. Mother spends a good bit of time out here.
She's fond of plants, and just re-potted most of these in fresh soil.
This is a doggy-friendly porch with a basin of cool water.
Mother has two short clotheslines on the porch. She can hang things out to dry, even in rainy weather, without traipsing into the yard.
Still some tidying to do, but she's taking a short break to chat with me. My mother is a firm believer in pillows, especially on chairs, especially on the porch. See the stack there?
Children have been playing with dogs on this porch for many years :)
Looking back through the glass doors, into the house -- I thought this was a nice framing of that pot. Inside? Outside? The joy of a summer porch is that you get both at once. Enjoy this glorious weather!


  1. Your mother is awesome. I love people who believe in lots of pillows! Sandy is so gorgeous! What a blessed pup!

  2. I would love to come and sit down there on a pillow with you all.

  3. Ah, friends! What wonderful conversation we would enjoy, as we looked out over God's creation. Wish you could come for a visit too :)

  4. What a lovely summer porch. I'd enjoy a cup of tea with you and your mom there.


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