Friday, April 6, 2012

The Low-Down on Those PB Cookies:

Okay, here's what happened: I longed for these cookies all day. I bought peanut butter and corn flakes to make them. I came home, rested a little, and then decided it was time. The recipe was easy-peasy, as you know. How did they taste? Eh, okay. I was not overly impressed. They certainly were not, in my opinion, "Peanut Butter Heaven," and definitely not the appellation that the other website gave them.
So I put them at the other end of the dining room table. Then Adam ate one, and he thought they were very good. "Better than those no-bake fudgies that you make," he said. What???
So there you have it. I found them mediocre. Adam found them pretty good. They have a thick, chewy texture. I used chocolate drizzle that is 70% cocoa, which was rather bitter for me, but Adam loves. As we say about so many things in life, "Each to his own!"

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  1. I bet they taste like Scotcharoos. I have made myself painfully sick by eating bar after bar of those yummy treats.


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