Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back on the Mountain

We're up at Covenant College again. We came this time to hear our son Philip sing. I thought you might want to hear a little of the Chorale, singing "It Is Well."(If your computer tells you this video is not available, I'm sorry! I'm not sure why it's doing that. I posted it on facebook, and it's playing there fine.)
Dr. Anderson has done such a fine job with this group. I was so pleased to hear them. We sang this rendition of this piece when I was a student and singer there, under Dr. Hamm. Sitting next to me in the audience was my old Chorale buddy, Sandy, and her hubby Brian. Her son is up there also. So is the son of my friends Mary and Steve, and the daughter of my friends Jon and Londa. It was truly wonderful, not just to hear the good music continue, but to know that Covenant is a family school, and the friendships continue too.
This is a lovely little roadside waterfall, just outside of Highlands, NC. You can drive your car right under it, and then proceed back onto the road.
Julia says it's cold inside the cave.
At the college:  here's the impressive Chapel. You can see it standing tall along the spine of the mountain, from many miles away.
Carter Hall. The azaleas and roses are blooming.
The Chapel, from the side:
Carter Hall, front and center:
The Alumni House, and the overlook courtyard:
These college years pass so quickly, and before he knows it, Philip will be gone from this wonderful group. I hope he has many years of singing ahead of him in many choirs, as I've had. It's been such a joy!


  1. I love the music! My niece blogged about this song. You are so right about college being such a nice little time period. It's such a sweet world (most of the time!)

  2. What a nice time for you. You must be so proud.

  3. I bet we know some of the same people as Covenant College is owned by the PCA, the denomination of which I am a part. I have friends who graduated from there and friends' children also. It's lovely up there on top of Lookout Mtn.

    I grew up fifty miles east of Chattanooga and have never seen the aquarium or all the new things down on the river. I'll have to take a trip there to see all I'm missing!


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