Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Blogasbord

How Obama Became a Senator -- I've been hanging onto this article for a long time because I find it fascinating. I'd never heard about how the ugly politics were hashed out in Chicago. Worth reading, especially for conservatives, since we weren't even involved.
Playing Homeless -- What happens when a man who looks homeless walks into a church? I loved reading this, because this guy is the father of a former student, and he clearly has a heart for ministry to the needy.
Shacking Up -- GREAT article from World Mag about this very damaging epidemic trend in America. Best quote: "In their 20s when they moved in together, they married in their 30s seemingly by default. How romantic." Wouldn't you hate to get married by default?
The Juvenilization of Christianity -- Excellent brief article and interview video of Thomas Bergler on his new book. He gives both the good and the bad about the immaturity of the American church.
Telling Our Story -- I found this World article worthwhile, as a fiction writer. Christians have the best story ever to tell, and we've let the world destroy and twist it. This is written by the author of Hank the Cowdog.
The Brutish Brit -- After reading this, I'm not sure I'm going to England anytime soon! His description of the crumbling of civility in Britain is disturbing, but I see it here in the U.S. too. In a way, it's connected to the "Juvenilization" theme mentioned above. Who is in charge of civilization in a society? Do we allow the lower orders to rule, in the name of tolerance?

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  1. These all look like interesting reads and am looking forward to spending time doing so later today.
    I was last in England in May 2010 and found it as lovely as ever. Then again, I do not go to those sections where I wouldn't feel safe; common sense rules, after all. Granted, as a tourist, I don't see the ugly but it's the same in the USA. Youths hurling curse words at each other and anyone else within hearing distance, girls wearing their p.j.'s in public, boys showing their hiney cracks. BTW, is it true that hiney crack thing started in prison as a way for males to advertise they were "available"?
    Society is going to hell because people are going to hell. From the oval office down, it's de rigueur to bash Christians and then bemoan the state of our country.
    We can't throw Christ away and then expect God's blessings; unfortunately, all of us are getting what some of us want...a liberal, socialistic society. When did being a conservative Christian become a bad thing?


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