Monday, April 16, 2012

A Day in the Well-Cultured City

While in Chattanooga, I wanted to do something I'd never done: walk all around the city's new, beautified riverfront area. Philip went along, of course. It was a gorgeous, breezy, sunny day.
As we walked across the pedestrian bridge (complete with dogs-on-leashes, runners, strollers, bikes), we saw some neat things:
And some lovely things:
When we arrived at the other side, Julia and I mounted our trusty steeds.
Well, okay, she was riding Mr. Toad of Toad Hall, and I was riding a bear.
Later, she hopped on an elephant near the fountain.
Then she hopped up on her brother's shoulder ... watch out, Julia!
He's gonna dump you in the water!
Did I mention it was breezy? Julia flew our kite.
This is Coolidge Park, viewed from above on the pedestrian bridge. A grand family place for fun, outdoor play. There were other kites, frisbees, birthday parties, and people just sunning themselves.
We walked back to the van for our picnic lunch. We didn't want to carry the cooler or find a picnic table. Parking is an issue in downtown Chattanooga; there's plenty of it, if you're willing to pay. Philip knew where the one free lot was.
Rowers practicing on the river. These Chattanoogans know how to utilize their water space!
The bridge. It's nice and wide, with wooden planking and elevated walkways on each side, if you want to avoid things on wheels.
Julia gave a high five to one of the many cool statues around town.
This was a neat sculpture. Can you see Julia, touching it? Each long panel swings freely, and you can move them, almost like chimes. What Julia liked about this downtown is that the cool stuff is very interactive; the city's goal seems to be to get their citizens and visitors experiencing (not just viewing), the fun and beauty around them.
The park area near the Aquarium has this water/stream running through it. Lots of kids were splashing and playing. See the big "bridge" overhead? It's covered with plants and trees. There's a guy under it, playing jazz for everyone. He was very good.
Here's another fun bridge across the park.
Cooling my feet in this water helped me to keep going with all the walking required. I have tender feet.
Yet another fabulous fountain idea -- a long set of stairs with water running down, and falling into a deeper basin at the bottom. Julia and I both walked down the whole thing.
This fountain is right next to the river. Who are those cute kids?
After all the walking was over, we treated ourselves to some ice cream here. Very yummy, and opened, I believe, by a Covenant alumnus.
We had a grand visit to downtown Chattanooga, and only spent money for ice cream! I highly recommend this city to those of you traveling this way.

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  1. What a cute picture of you, MK! Don't you love merry-go-rounds?


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