Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Little Happy in the Mail!

Don't you love it when free happies come in the mail? I do!! Yippee! A couple of months ago I sent off for three free samples of tea from Twinings, the well-known quality tea company from London. I had fun selecting some warm autumnal flavors, and then I kind of forgot about it.
And then today ... they arrived! They came in a nice, large envelope with the three bags glued inside, as you see:
My selection. I'm kind of into chai, sigh. If you'd like to send off for your three free samples, here's the link.
Clearly Twinings wants us to partake, and I don't feel guilty for mooching, because we've been buying Twinings tea tins for years. I love their metal tins and keep them for other purposes. These three are in our cupboards right now.
Now go get you some tea :)


  1. English Breakfast Tea is my favorite!

  2. I'm feeling cozier already - but I will follow your suggestion right now.

  3. Mine arrived today too! Spiced Apple Chai, Ultra Spice Chai, and Orange Bliss Black Tea, which I can smell through the wrapper. Mmmm....

  4. I followed your link a few weeks ago, so mine will hopefully come soon. It will be a surprise to see what I picked out since I've forgotten :)


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