Monday, October 28, 2013

Julia's Haircut

I posted some of these pictures on facebook, which caused me to neglect putting there here on ye olde blogge. Sorry, family afar. Here's Julia's "new do."
 She didn't want a pixie cut at all, but honestly, she went to the hair place with short hair to start with, so she's not going to come out of there with anything other than short hair.  I told her, "This lady is a hair cutter, not a hair grower." 'Nuff said. She looks adorable.
This is Angel. She's been cutting hair for 21 years, and she's lovely. She's a sweet Christian mom with a salon in her side yard. We're definitely going to her for years to come.
 Julia had never -- ever -- had her hair cut by a professional. In other words, it was always either mama's snips or sister's snips. She was excited, and she enjoyed every moment. It's so fun to have somebody else play with your hair.
 I'm a bit mortified to say that we have neither blow dryer nor hair straightener nor curling iron nor curlers nor mousse nor any other fancy hair product in our house. We're more of a wash-it-and-shake-it-dry type of family. UNfancy.
 Angel sent us home with a little tub of some sticky substance to achieve the "look." But without all the other implements of destruction, I don't know if either Julia or I will ever reach this stage of beauty again :) Julia's head has a million hairs of a million individual lengths, I believe.

 It's so cute. I caught her the other day trying to put up a big wad of hair in a pony on top of her head and I said, "No!" All my children, upon hitting puberty, suddenly grow big crops of thick, fine hair, and it turns curly.  Blame it on the hormones, but they get gorgeous hair, if a bit unruly and unmanageable. Julia's not used to her big hair yet. Taming it with a million layers does help.


  1. It's a great haircut and looks marvelous on her; she's a beautiful girl.

  2. Oh, she is cute and pink is her color! Lovely!

  3. Your daughter looks adorable! I have the same blow dryer and curling irons since college -- mainly because I almost never use them:) However, since my daughter is now almost 17 and I am advancing on, we have had to embrace a few products and learn how to use them. New territory for me.


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