Saturday, October 12, 2013

We're Pretty Casual Around Here ...

On Saturday mornings (as you know), we hang out at the village farmers market. We have about a dozen vendors, selling everything from doggie biscuits to wind chimes, with lots of baked goods and produce too. Adam likes to come sit with us. I don't make a ton of money, but that is easily compensated by how much fun I have with my market buddies.
The market is a place for dogs. In fact, the whole town is dog-friendly. If you come to the market without a dog or two, you might feel out of place. Adam introduced Beau to lots of new friends, like Joe. Joe and Adam both sport the "old guy hat."
Joe's dog is Sophie. She's clearly a lap dog.
Sophie is some sort of Australian water dog crossed with something else that I forget. She's gentle and sweet, and very obedient. Her mommy Phyllis makes the doggie biscotti, so it's in Sophie's best interest to be obedient ... always.
In Oriental, you learn the dogs' names first. That's how people are labeled. "Oh, you know him," you'll chat to someone on the street. "He's the fellow with the two white poodles that ride in his bike basket." Or, "Yes, I talked with Carol yesterday. You remember Carol -- Bonnie' mama?" In a town of retirees, when one says "Bonnie's Mama" or "Molly's Daddy," you know these are doggie relationships.
We had a new vendor visiting today, Nancy's brother (a human). I don't remember Nancy's name; we have about five Nancys in town, and it's hard to keep them straight. Her brother makes wonderful pottery. He brought some to the market to sell, and it was a hit!
Phyllis and Joe bought this elegant Asian noodle/rice bowl for $12! We all felt he was under-pricing his excellent goods, and we dutifully went over and bought things.
And aside from the fact that I was stung by a yellow jacket who was attracted to my beeswax hand lotion, it was a fun, cool, overcast, chatty, silly day at the market. The best kind!


  1. Handsome men, just sayin'. :) Yours and the one with the great beard.

  2. I laughed out loud when I saw that big dog Sophie on that mans lap. CUTE! Looks like a fun time and I like your bowl. Sorry about the wasp sting. :(

  3. Very cute! Yikes! I'm so sorry that you were stung by a bee!
    The market sounds fun!

  4. I don't trust people who don't like dogs and refuse to go to farmers markets where dogs aren't allowed. Actually, that's pretty much all the farmers markets around here...folks get all weird when a dog shows up and have made rules against them. strange!


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