Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Last night on the way to church, I snapped these photos of the soybean fields as they dry and yellow. I thought perhaps some of my friends from afar might not know a soybean field.
They're very beautiful now -- a lovely blend of yellow/orange/green.
We were dry for so long, dry and warm. Now we've had about 48 hours of rain. This kind of rain quickly fills up our river, creeks, ponds and ditches. Here's Hodges Street.
The Duck Pond, which is really Raccoon Creek, floods easily and becomes what it always was, and wants to be again -- a creek.
This is out on the Neuse. The river is up to the bottom of the pier. This was yesterday evening.
Julia and I drove around town again before noon today, and the water was higher yet. The bottom of the pier is now underwater completely, Hodges Street is more wet, and it looks like the boats at the Town Dock will just flow right over the street and its barricades, and sail on into the Duck Pond. Not really.
Julia was at her art workshop, and here's what she created this morning. It's a picture of fields being burned ... not two tornadoes, she assured me. She's so funny. I really like the barn on the left.
Beau has discovered he does not like rain. He prefers to play indoors. His favorite is this squeaky fish toy. It used to be Sandy's toy, but ... no more!
I love it when he grabs it in his mouth, rolls on his back, and squeaks away!
What a doll.
Rainy weather = indoor relaxation.
However, I may jump in the car and go see how much more flooding we have. It's so exciting!

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