Friday, October 4, 2013

Catching Up

Sorry for the blogging absence -- much busyness here. It's been a good homeschooling week with lots of fun biology work at the microscope, and a test accomplished, an essay on Homer's Odyssey written, grammar accomplished, and Ancient Egyptian history read. On Monday, Julia and I painted. I only paint to keep her company and because I find it relaxing. After looking at Pom Pom's adorable banner photo, I decided to paint a squirrel house in the woods.
One lady squirrel is dropping by and giving a basket of acorn muffins to her neighbor-lady squirrel, who has not yet taken her tail out of curlers. She is in disarray.
Several years ago, a dear friend gave me lots of fabulous yarn. I do mean lots. There was one very-wild skein that I had no clue how to use! It has a rather tribal look:
It's very cool; it's just not the kind of thing you can make a hat out of, y'know? When you draw the yarn out though, it's much tamer:
And even so, yarn like that -- thin, with regular bumps of interest -- is hard to knit/crochet with. So at last I paired it with a nice boring yarn in a complementary color. I think many marriages work that way, yes? Wild Person + Sedate Person + Some Common Strain = Success!
Well, I'll know about "success" when it sells, but here's what I turned up with. I think it looks fallish. It's an infinity scarf. I like that touch of "wild" on the side.
Yesterday I went with two friends to our local thrift store. One friend is elderly, has lost much weight, and needed new clothing. The store had just put out all their fall clothes, and lo! they were lovely. I wasn't there to shop for myself, but I found three much-needed sweaters. This one is very soft and elegant (hard to tell in the photo) and from Liz Claiborne.
This one's a dark, heather gray, made by Cabela's. It has a hood and a pair of pockets in the front.
And this lovely Lands End sweater zips down the front. They are in great shape, and cost me $4 each.
I'm set for the winter! Seriously, you Northerners, in our neck of the woods, a good sweater will serve for the winter, and one can go several winters in a row without needing a real coat.
Well, that's the update. More busyness ahead. I'll see you when I see you!


  1. I love your sweaters, MK! I'm sure that pretty fall scarf will sell.
    That's a Tasha Tudor piece on my banner. Don't you love it? Your squirrel house is so cute!

  2. Great the curlers comment! And you've made a winner with the scarf. Wonderful.:)

  3. Oh, I really like the fall scarf! I like a touch of wild and the colors are some of my favs. Very nice! And I love your Thrifty finds, too. I was buying a sweater this past week at my thrift stop.... I found a fun Christopher & Banks sweater.

  4. wonderful job on the scarf...very nice!

  5. Ooooo, I like the scarf! I saw some hats made with some kind of wild woolly yarn like that. Your scarf looks like it has a feather brooch on it. Good job. And good job on the painting! I like to play in paint, but am not so good.


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