Monday, October 21, 2013

A Sunday Walk

The whole past week (or more) has been rather crazy. But on Sunday afternoon, at last, we were able to relax a wee bit. We took a walk about town. Or rather, everybody else took a walk, and I rode my bike. We showed Kara the sights -- through the neighborhood, through the village, to the harbor, under the bridge to the wildlife ramp, and back up Midyette St., and finally back home.
I took a few shots of these "kids" overlooking Smith Creek. They were nice to humor me :)

Yeah, I think they like each other!
I was struck by this gorgeous sycamore tree against the bright blue sky. It seems elegant, almost dancing. Oh, I do wonder what the trees would do, if they weren't restrained by the effects of our sin and evil in the world -- What will they do on the new earth someday? Dance? Sing? Frolic and throw their roots around? Carry the children about on their shoulders for rides? Go swimming in the river?
A sycamore in autumn has such delicate beauty.

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  1. Those trees would, most certainly, clap their hands.
    Lovely couple, they DO like each other!


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