Friday, October 11, 2013

When You're Out of Books ...

... You go to the bookstore, right? Right! I've been wanting to revisit Buckhorn Books lately.  When you've read all the used books you bought online last Christmas, and the ones you bought for your birthday in the summer, and you're out of new reading material, it's time to restock! Buckhorn Books, our local dusty, quiet, somnolent, quirky source for engrossing reading material, never fails to satisfy. But first:  essentials! I realized recently that I had no copy  of Pride and Prejudice in the house. Shocking! I used to have two copies. I think one was worn out, and one was swiped by a daughter and taken off to college. So I nabbed a copy of Austen's work first.
Julia asked to read P&P after we recently rewatched Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.
My favorite room at Buckhorn is the back bedroom (it used to be a house) filled with travel books, foreign books, Danish dictionaries, Italian cookbooks and works on mountain climbing. It's crazy :) And I found this piece of non-fiction:
Mr. Cowan, the author, was visiting an island near Venice, researching a project, when he came across a monk's journal -- a monkish cartographer who decided, in the 1500s, to make a map of the world. Except he didn't want to leave home, so the world came to him. Cowan translated the book, which catalogs all the eccentric visitors he welcomed into his monkish cell, who told him tales of their travels in the world. I'm eager to enjoy this tome.
And I found this:
This book is mostly photographs, black-and-white, of all the nooks and crannies of the Acropolis in Athens, plus the items in its museum. I adore ancient Athens, and plan to peruse the photos, and the accompanying descriptions of each one, for many weeks. It will enhance Julia's study of ancient Greece next semester also.
Thank you again, Buckhorn Books! For $3, I have lots of mental stimulation and entertainment for the future.


  1. You sound so excited. Glad you got some treats. :) The map book looks esp. wonderful.

  2. Hi MK! Buckhorn Books sounds like a wonderful store! I like your picks!


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