Tuesday, October 15, 2013

From Tip to Tip

We departed Oriental on Sunday afternoon, as early as we could get away. Then we drove west to the mountains. We've arrived here just in time to see the colors turn on the distant hills. My mother's gum tree is always an early turner.
Julia found opportunity to wear her new scarf/smitten set.
God's creation is beautiful everywhere -- on the coast and in the mountains. I love both.
Julia and the puppies will stay with my parents this week. I wanted to leave them with a perfectly clean Beau-Beau, so he got a bath. Bless him.
Adam and I are here for a Bible Conference for the week. It started Monday at supper time, so we took the first part of the day to drive to the other tip of the state, Cullowhee, to see Peter at his university.
A lovely lake spreads out alongside the road on hwy.107, on this drive. Those trees are changing!

We took Peter out for lunch, because he is --after all -- a college boy, and always hungry. And yes, he's wearing a Covenant College shirt at Western Carolina University - haha!
A very bad, up-the-nose selfy of me, but an adorable shot of Julia.
These two are so much alike. Julia enjoyed walking all around Western. She's already checking out the colleges she visits, wondering which one will feel like "home" and entice her to attend in a few years. Peter really likes being in the Honors College at Western. It's a good fit for him. He enjoys his major, his buddies, playing intramural ultimate frisbee, and the beautiful surroundings.
 Peter walked us all over campus and showed us his haunts.
We drove back in time for the conference to begin and enjoyed hearing Dr. Krabbendam speak last night. He'll be teaching the whole week on the book of Revelation -- gulp! -- that's a difficult task, but I'm sure he is up to it, being Dr. K.! It's good for Adam to hear someone else teach for a while, and very good for us to get away and have some quiet time together in the mountains.


  1. I miss you! I'm so glad you're there, absorbing all the good teaching and having some "just us" time with Adam!
    Beau looks so skinny when wet! Your parents are so nice to take the dogs, too.
    Beautiful scenery, MK! (BIG HUG!)

  2. it's wonderful you're able to do some Adam and MK stuff while you're doing what needs to be done. Your photos are really good and am enjoying seeing Autumn in other parts of the east. Be safe.

  3. I want to be there, too! Beautiful color and good teaching. I'm glad you got the extra bonus of family time. Sweet pictures for sure.

  4. Dr. Krabbendam is still teaching? Wow! He must be 100. He's been to our church several times to preach. What a godly and impressive man!


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