Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where Mushrooms Bloom

We had days of rain, which makes our ground rather soggy. That's what happens when you live about three feet above sea level! So the mushrooms began to sprout. I took the doggies for a brief walk the other day and found so many interesting mushrooms. There were several clumps of these:
This was strange. I've never seen a green mushroom ... or fungus? ... before. These usually grow on trees, I think. I'm definitely not "up" on my types of 'shrooms and other things. This fellow isn't growing on a tree ...
He's growing on a pile of wood chips, which I suppose is the next best thing. Very odd.
And yet another clump of these, with one turned on itself.
Bumblebees and moths were bellying up to this blooming plant for supper. They were loving it! A delicious, sweet aroma emanated from it.
Here it is -- a great, unkempt shrub, but well-loved this time of year by bees and moths!
These little gray mushrooms caught my eye also. They're very small, you see, humble things.
And this little darling, with her sugary hat.
This, I found very odd, and it goes to show how very, very wet we are here. What's that growing, you ask? Well ... it's (I'm sorry to say it) dog poop. Yep. Dog poop that grows spores or some horrid thing on it. Bleck. But interesting!
On to a more pleasant topic! I removed my suppertime wreath, made by my lovely, artistic, generous friend, Vivian.
The autumn wreath went up. I've had this wreath forever. It's made of wired pinecones, a gift from my mother's gifted neighbor, Ginny. It's nice because you can stick whatever you want into the pinecones. These are just plastic leaves I bought, but it gives a burst of color on the door.
Happy October! Don't eat the mushrooms!

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  1. So many unusual mushrooms! We've had some rain here, too (PTL \o/) thus a few mushrooms. The birds are so used to me feeding them that one flew into the yard and was messing with a mushroom thinking it was bread! Cracked me up.


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