Thursday, October 17, 2013

Handiwork in the Mountains

Friends will ask me if I enjoyed the fabulous fall colors in the mountains. Yes, there are trees that have turned, mostly yellow, and a few red. The actual color change is late this year, just as our spring was late as well.
God's handiwork in creation is so evident in these mountains. The fluttering leaves, dripping light rain, scattered sunlight, and general hush of silence are all peace-inducing.
The conference has been both fun and enriching. For more autumnal flair, they gave us a little fall festival!
There were apples to be bobbed, darts to be thrown at orange balloons, other "yard games," and ... pumpkin bowling! Adam won!
And look at these candied apples! Is there anything more fallish? We had hot cider too.
Some conferees carved pumpkins one night to decorate the event.
Still, in spite of all this fun fall feeling, most trees remain green.
Ridgehaven is such a beautiful camp. The lake has grown and sports all manner of fun water activities. -- ropes and slides and platforms.
As I said in yesterday's post, the Keenagers Conference is much smaller than it used to be. Here's the dining hall. They used to fill every table for each meal. Ridgehaven itself is greatly expanding its ministry, with yearly increases in camps, participants, and new ideas for service. But I still hope to see my generation of Christians long to gather together for worship, friendship, teaching, rest, and refreshment in God.
Part of my personal rest has been my own "handiwork" in the mountains this week. This is lovely spot to sit, rest, crochet/knit, and listen to the quiet. It's sweet to my ears.
Yesterday afternoon we drove down to Toccoa Falls and picked up Anna for her fall break. Here she is, outside her new residence dorm. How much she's grown and matured just this year! We are proud of her and excited about what God is doing in her life, the places He's leading her.
Here's the finished autumn ribbon scarf.

What a fun yarn!
This morning I crocheted a pair of nice warm smittens for winter, to sell at market. The camera can't capture the real color of this red, which is not this bright or garish. It's deeper, with dark threads running through it.

This yarn is Loops and Threads "Country Loom." The color is "hollyhock."
Here you get a hint of the flecks of beige and purple running through it. Just picture that, with a darker red.


  1. Aw! Sandy is so cute! Anna is adorable, as always! YOU are a cutie patootie! I have loved hearing about the conference. Our Brad is in town at a Bible conference and he's loving it. He has been sleeping here (he arrives late after I have dozed off a few times!) and MAMA LOVES THAT!
    Happy weekend!

  2. MK, where is Toccoa Falls? Your knitting is looking pretty and glad you were able to find a festival. I've been hankering for a festival but think they're over for us.

  3. I am glad you had such a great time:) I love that autumn scarf. It is hard to figure out how to make things and then sell them for enough money to be worth it time-wise.


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