Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkins for Mags

Dear Mags, who is from Ireland, does not have the bliss of Pumpkin Autumn Frenzy that we experience here in the States. So, to satisfy her Pumpkin Longing, here are a few pictures I lifted from Pinterest. I hope this helps, Mags!
 Pumpkins for the picking!

 The frost is on the pumpkin :)
 Nestled in the grass,

 Itty bitty pumpkins ~
 Foggy Pumpkin Morning


  1. This is what I mean! This post is now saved to Favourites... I once drove past a pumpkin field in Indiana and made my friend stop the car. We're reading Pumpkin Soup and A Pipkin of Pepper on a pretty much nightly basis now.

  2. Hey -- do you have a copy of Tasha Tudor's "Pumpkin Moonshine"? It was her very first book! It used to cost a small fortune (literally) but then they republished it, and now it's reasonable. Adorable book :) Now ... go make a pumpkin pie.

  3. No! heading straight over to Amazon- via the kettle because I've just told Pom Pom that I'm about to join the ginger tea drinkers...


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