Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beau Chien

Last night Beau the Pomeranian was napping on the couch while we watched an episode of The Great Irish Bake-Off. He's so cute when he naps.
I love his sweet little face.
I stroke his whiskers and tickle his ears. When I do, he straightens his legs out, but as he falls back into sleep, they go limp again.
Adam came back from the kitchen with an apple and I took a little nibble. In his dreams, Beau heard me nibbling. Any nibbling gets his full attention, and I got this look:
"Where's my nibble?" he asks.
He's grown so much. He's a teenaged doggie now, long, lean, muscular. He doesn't yet have his first winter coat, so he looks rather thin. See what a long dog he is now?
We love him.


  1. Oh goodness, he is adorable.
    Very lovable little fella.


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