Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Samsung WB250F

It's a 'Smart Camera.' Let's hope it's not smarter than I am!
 I think Adam got tired of my old camera, which was held together with a purple rubberband from a bunch of broccoli, would not ever focus on something close-up, and would regularly "flash" when I'd commanded it not to, which ran out the exhausted AA batteries I had to charge too often.
 So without telling me, he ordered a new camera, and it arrived today. Actually, Adam was tracking it, and he went to the P.O. and said, "Hand it over, people." So they did.
I promptly went outside in the rain and took pictures of things close-up.
 And then a little closer up. I've never been able to do this before. Look at the water! Amazing!
 Little mum blossoms:
 Water droplets on fern fronds. Oh, I hope you don't get weary of close-up photos, because I might need to do this a lot for a few months!
 You can see the veins in the dead leaves :)
 And the glisten on the pumpkin!
 Here's that plant whose name I know not.
 Close-up ...
 And closer ...
 Close-up ... my hand was shaking a little, probably with excitement ...
 And closer up. Pine cones look a bit like wood, don't they? I suppose that makes sense.
 Here's a lovely sea shell I found this summer, whose pattern I could never show you. Now I can!
 Brush strokes from Julia's oil painting ~
Well, that's enough for now. Thanks for humoring me! Perhaps I'll name this camera since I think we'll be very good friends. How 'bout Sammy?


  1. Too funny! I can feel your excitement; congratulations!

  2. Your photos are amazing...and your excitement all the sweeter because you appreciate it all the more. Sweet husband. :)

  3. You are going to have so much fun with your snazzy new camera! We are, too!

  4. What great photos! What a nice husband to surprise you with a new camera:)

  5. wow, amazing camera. Dave was the high tech geek in this household so when I need a new phone (hopefully next year when I move) I'll have to get some young person to help me choose.


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