Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Aftermath of Yesterday

Our neighbor to the west has been blowing leaves off his roof, and around his yard, for hours. Everything was covered in leaves after the hail. Adam still needs to check our roof to make sure there was no damage to it.

I just woke up from a nap. Adam takes about 2 naps a day. I feel as if I'm purposely trying to recover from the school year, and rest myself for the onslaught of the fall. Not that teaching isn't great, but it's very emotionally and physically draining; it's a constant grinding uphill.

Adam and I have finished the first week of our online class we're taking to keep up our accreditation for teaching. My summer reading continues steadily. I finished Robinson Crusoe this morning and have begun The Great Gatsby.

Yesterday Julia finally got her retainer. This is a rather specialized retainer, because it is moving her teeth, particularly her 2 front teeth. It is moving one of them forward, and also moving them together, to fill in the gap. Today her teeth are sore and she's weepy.

I'm staying ahead of the laundry, staying ahead of the reading, developing a nice tan, and in the early stages of planning a trip to England for myself and a goodly number of students, next January. England in January. Doesn't that sound cold?

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