Friday, June 6, 2008

Heat Wave

Oh my, it's hot!

Even Adam got into the pool today.

And he can't make himself cook out on the grill this evening, so I think we're having BLTs for supper. Which is fine with me. I never met a BLT that I didn't get along with.

Just a few minutes ago, we were each stretched out on a couch, asleep. This heat just saps it out of you!

Anna is gone to a sleepover. Julia is gone to a sleepover. If we could get rid of a couple of teenage boys, Adam and I could have a stay-at-home date :) But we probably couldn't stay awake long enough to enjoy it!

And Peter is developing an earache. Of course, kids' earaches always reach a crisis point late on Friday afternoon, after it's too late to visit the doctor.


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  1. It is hot here too. The kids and some friends were in the pool today as well. I am busy getting us ready to leave to for the beach in the morning.



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