Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Home Alone

That's what happens when you send your kids away to camp!! We took Julia and Peter to the mountains, to go to camp with their cousins. Here is the cousin-tribe, even poor, newborn Abraham, who is hardly eligible for camping yet! Notice the happy grandma :)

Julia settled right into her cabin with her counselor, Katie.
Peter, on the other hand, is doing a more strenuous, outdoorsy camping week, with climbing walls, orienteering, and other sweaty activities involving poison ivy and a compass.
But he and Adam had time for a few games of tetherball. Adam smoked him.

Anna's also staying in the mountains for a visit with her grandparents and then with her best friend. AND...Philip is working all this week. So Adam and I will find ourselves at home, alone, with nothing to do but clean house and tend to the yard. When the cats are away....

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