Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Best Time to Clean

Is when your children are GONE! Since 3 of our 4 are out of town, and the last one is at work all day . . . this is cleaning week for me. Plus, I have company coming this weekend, so this is a good idea. Besides, cleaning in this house is surface at best, during the school year. And summertime cleaning keeps me in the air conditioning :)

So, yesterday I:
* did some "house" laundry
* emptied the closets downstairs of their storage, wiped the shelves, sprayed for bugs, organized and repacked the closets
*vacuumed and vacuumed again - all those little corners, edges, behind the couches and IN the couches
* threw out junk
*organized videotapes and DVDs
*started cleaning Anna's room, because it cannot be done in one day. This is where the company will sleep.

And because I'm getting on up in years (haha), I sprung my back a tad bit. So today will be more of an "in-the-pool" day. Adam will work on his arches again, and I'll hang my arms over the edge of the pool and act interested. No, really I AM interested.

And I'll finish Anna's room. I think I discovered yesterday that my 16 yo DOES own enough little bags, purses, cute little boxes and pouches to keep all her knick-knacks in.

And lastly, today I will start in on Julia's room. If I can force my way through the door.

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