Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baking with Julia

Maybe I should say, Baking with Both Julias." This Julia helped me construct my first lattice pie top.
This Julia lent her moral support and encouragement.
Here is the lattice, pre-baking. It was rather fun. I've put off much pie baking because I dislike making pastry dough. But it wasn't too bad this time. I like putting the little leaves on top.
While the pie was baking, and we were all waiting to go to church for our supper this evening, I got a little hungry. My ever-pleasing husband leapt at the opportunity to bring me a little dish of tasties. He and Julia helped me eat them. The pepperoni was especially good.
And here's the pie. A little darker than I wanted. I put on an egg wash halfway through, and turned up the oven slightly - both mistakes perhaps, as the pie got darker where the egg wash was placed. Still, I'm hoping for much yumminess. We'll eat it later this evening. I like fruit pies with a little chocolate ice cream.

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