Friday, June 27, 2008

Our fun

We have more fun company! This is Beth, a friend from Alabama. Adam is holding up his finger. You'll see why...
Tada! He's done more work on the oven. See the new arch above the white area? And the red brick that is rising on the front? It's lookin' good! A friend came over today who is a brick mason, and he gave it the okie-dokie :) He tapped all over it with a trowel and pronounced it sound.
Adam dropped a brick on his finger from about 4 inches up. Ouch! He's been holding his finger up in the air all evening. He looks continuously like he is on the verge of some wise saying.
Anna did not want her picture taken, so I got a great shot of her lovely hair.

Philip was VERY helpful to his wounded Daddy. He served as his sous chef, and is doing the dishes too. It takes a real man to wear a red bowtie with a flowered apron (made by his mother :)

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