Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Manipulator

So, you moms out there will be able to relate to this. A little late, I decided that I was NOT satisfied with only 4 of us going to Music Conference this year. I REALLY wanted Anna and Philip to go too. And when a Mama REALLY wants something, watch out!

First I called their Mission Trip/Youth Director. They were due to return from their mission trip AFTER we had already left for Music Conf. I wondered how much of a time overlap there would be. Well, come to fine out, she said they were thinking of returning over a day early.

So my two kids would be HOME already, when we left for Music Conf. Hm. First obstacle overcome.

And Anna for sure could go. Now, to work on Philip.

(Anna was, of course, disappointed. She was looking forward to a full week of freedom, basically alone in the house, with the parents gone. Ha! Not so fast, little teen!)

Philip was trickier. He didn't go last year. After the conference last summer, I so regretted that he didn't go. He has a lovely voice and reads well. And this is probably the last family vacation we will have, before he goes off to college. Next summer? Just a few weeks before college, there's little chance he'll have time for a week of singing.

So, I called his boss. And she seemed agreeable. She still hasn't called me back, but I've very hopeful he will be able to have that week off too, even after the week off for the mission trip.

(It helps that she's a colleague of mine, and her son is Philip's best friend.)

Then, I had to call my church choir director, the guy who registers us all for the conference, and, er, had already secured our housing for the week.

"Hi, Jim. The good news is that 2 more kids can go to the conference. The bad news is that I need for you to find them a place to sleep for the week."

He said he didn't think it would be a problem -he'd work it out.

I feel manipulative, but very satisfied. Is that bad?

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  1. How delightful! Manipulate doesn't fit this wonderful turn of events! You shaped the outcome ... or I loveeee the word finagle! You are a cool Mom!


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