Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fresh Quesadilla

This is what I've been eating for lunch the past several days, i.e., something so yummy you don't get tired of it! The quesadilla has colby cheese and homemade salsa (thank you, Carolyn, for the BEST recipe ever!) in it. Adam made the creamy guacamole dip. If you use a food processor, it is MUCH smoother. Fresh, healthy.
This is what I did yesterday. 4 more holly trees. Can you see through the holly trees, to the dirt wall behind? Yesterday you couldn't. I cut the stuff out. The menfolk will haul it away. Philip's job it to reconstruct the stone wall behind the trees (that's right - it's stone, not dirt.)

One of these days, it's gonna be a pretty yard :)

Oven update, for those of you with a vested interest (i.e., BETH, who may well cancel her reservation at our family hotel in June, if there isn't fresh pizza and bread out of THAT OVEN!! Ha!): Adam has almost finished the large frame support. He intends to begin building the arches again tonight. When it's only 87 degrees.

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  1. Just for the record - Wild horses couldn't keep me away!!!

    Just thought I would be a little "motivation".

    Love to all!


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