Saturday, June 7, 2008

A little light medicine

We got some drops for Peter's ear last night. How can 7.5 milliliters (like, maybe a tablespoon?) cost $35? And that's a copay?

Anyway, I'm taking him to the doctor this morning, because they said they really wanted to look at it, and get my $20. Because $35 wasn't enough. My miserliness is a genetic condition.

Adam got 2 of his oven arches done. The first one started to fall as soon as he took the support out from under it. He's decided on a new tack. He's gonna tear down the 2 arches (sigh. Wifely worries that the oven will NEVER be completed), build a wooden support that will go under the entire arched dome, rebuild all 4 arches, and burn the support out, after the oven is complete.

We'll see.

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