Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cleaning Julia's Room

Warning: Enter this blogpost at your own risk.

Yes, I cleaned Julia's room today. I told myself ahead of time that I was NOT going to do a deep cleaning. YOU know what I mean -- NO digging into the corners! NO pulling everything out of the closet! And NO opening of drawers!

Well, when a mom finds ants scurrying around on the dresser top, clustered around an old piece of candy, the idea of deep cleaning enters her mind.

It took, oh, probably only about 3 hours max.

Here is the pile of dirty socks and underwear I found hiding furtively in all the usual locations:

But, best of all -- oh, Julia, you dear little thing! -- here is a note I found at the head of her bed:

"Here lies Jessica -- the ant who could be my best friend"

Only a strange little kid like Julia would look at the ant crawling about her pillow, name her Jessica, and write a tribute to her. However, the text indicates that perhaps she killed Jessica first. As I said before, morbid :)

I found pencils and paper all over the place. Julia loves to write and draw. She must have 300 books in her room. I would find little bags (like a ziploc bag, but any bag will do) with scraps of paper, a dirty bandaid, a broken pencil, a polly-pocket shirt, 2 legos, and a Korean coin in it. Zipped up neatly. What is the purpose of this collection?

She will find: all her writing implements in one place, together. All her paper stacked together. All her books in the bookcase, all her clothing away. I've ceased trying to make it look PRETTY. I did that 10 years ago.

And lastly, I sprayed. For all the Jessicas out there.


  1. "Jessica" is cracking me up!!! LOL

  2. We had one of these moments at our house recently. Davis couldn't find a notebook with school stuff in it that had to be returned by a certain date. We ended up cleaning their entire room, under beds and all to find this notebook. We never found it but the room is so nice and clean now. It was worth it. We took out 1 1/2 large bags of trash!

    How come children can gather so many pens, pencils and notebooks? A mystery to me. My Anna has a ton.



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