Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pool Talk between Medical Professionals

Today, again, Adam and I decided to cool off together in the pool. From 2:00 to 3:00 each afternoon, our pool drifts into complete shade. It was 100 degrees today. In the middle of making his arch support (no pun intended...), Adam stepped on a nail. It went through his shoe and a little into his foot. He is a little bit of a baby about injuries. He's also a mild hypocondriac. I, on the other hand, am a mother of four. So, both of us are pseudo-medical professionals. Hmm. Here was our conversation:

MK: "Are you getting into the pool with your hurt foot? You'd better keep it out of the water."
A: "I think the water would be good for it. It has chlorine in it."
MK: "Then why do people get swimmer's ear from this water?" Remember, Peter?
A: "That's because they don't dry their ears out after they finish swimming."
MK: "But the water they leave in their ears - it's chlorinated too...."
A: Pondering "Yeah, but they have ookies in their ears."


We both giggled over that one.

Then Julia got in the pool and said, "I wonder if suffocation and drowning are similar?" Morbid child. Clever, but morbid. Are 8 year old girls supposed to think things like that?

Okay, so here's what pool life looks like to me:
Not particularly attractive, now that I look at it, but there you go.
Adam finished his dome support. He's all excited again. Beth says she will come visit us ANYWAY - even if the oven isn't done! Thanks Beth :)!!
Now, looky-here at our latest development! Note the umbrella - we picked it up off the side of the road. Actually, our next-door neighbors threw it out because the wind blew gustily one night, and broke off the bottom few inches of the center pole. No biggie. Philip put it in a table, and I placed a few bricks under the pole to make it taller. We might replace the bottom part of the pole. But then again, knowing us, we might not. If the bricks don't bother us too much.
The green chairs were also road-side retrievals. It's a nice spot to sit, by the pool. Even Lacey came out yesterday. In her fur coat. And she lay in the sun. We all thought she was crazy.

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