Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bacon Cup Salad, Kind Of

This recipe came to Adam by way of both our sons. Both boys saw pictures of this idea online, and came to Adam, and begged that he make it. That doesn't happen very often, frankly.

Here's a website with pics and instructions for this delectable fried-pig yumminess. Yes, yes, I know -- hers turned out way better than Adam's. Oh well. C'est la vie.

Okay, so use an upturned muffin pan, line the bottoms of the muffin domes with tin foil. Adam did not do this. I think it makes the bacon cups taller if you do this. Wrap bacon around, lattice it to strengthen it, and be sure there's bacon for the bottom of your cup. Adam didn't do any of this either. He wrapped 2 pieces of bacon for each cup. Oh well. C'est la vie.

So, here's Adam's.
Our boys don't like tomato much, so that's why they're on the side. Adam also made a delish vinaigrette using the bacon grease, and drizzled it over the affair.

I found it easier to eat it by picking it up with my hand and just munching into it. Oh, and Adam made his own croutons too.
We'll probably try this again sometime, and use more bacon. Bacon is kind of like butter than way, don't you agree? More is better :)

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  1. Ha ha! I like how Adam morphed the recipe! I do that, too! Bacon is one of those "bring it on" foods, I quite agree! I was in a bacon phase back in November and I haven't had any since, but now . . .


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