Monday, December 5, 2011

Thinking on Tea

Tea time! Time to pull out the wedding china, and wash it all. Time to look for pretty little dishes, candles, silver and other lovelies. I dug around in my boxes and found the china I want to use. The church ladies are having the Christmas Tea!!
(And Carolyn, if you read this, I sent you an email asking if you're coming. Are you?)

This weekend, I crocheted a tea cozy. The yarn is silky soft. Mother says it will get dirty too easily, and I suppose she's right. Julia says it looks like a hat. She wondered if she could have it, to wear as a hat. I said, "NO!"
I think it looks rather like a coconut cake, with toasted coconut trim - haha! I like the openings for the handle and spout. I didn't have a pattern, so I have no idea if I could replicate it. Mother says she'd like one for Christmas in a darker color. She loves blue.
So, I'll be trying to figure out what I did, in blue :) But this cozy will be at the Christmas Tea on Saturday - yay!
If you wonder where the food posts have all gone ... well ... I have a confession to make. Adam is now doing the evening cooking. I've become a slug again. We're living at my parents' home, which means I don't have my "own kitchen," with all my favorite little things around me. I didn't realize how much my enjoyment of cooking was really just an enjoyment of my kitchen, my home, my little things. Adam says he really loves to cook, and I'm only pretending, and honestly -- he's right. So, he's the cook again. I can't tell you how lovely it is not to worry (about 3:00 each afternoon) what I'm making for supper. He's in charge! Yay again!

Tonight's menu? Lasagna. Maybe I'll get a pic of it for you. I just checked to see if lasagna is listed on my "Cooking" page, and it's not. Sounds like another recipe is about to be added! His lasagna is fabulous. I've never smelled lasagna that smelled like Adam's. It fills the house and makes me SO hungry.

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  1. I'm SO impressed, MK! Your tea cozy is beautiful! Tea cozies SHOULD look like cakes!
    Yummy, lasagna! I wish I could smell it.


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