Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Julia has arrived at an important point in her education: volcano time! Ah yes. Every kid wants to make a volcano as a science project.
This volcano came in the massive science kit we bought for her this year, for her science study in homeschooling. It's a plastic base, and has a sand/plaster mix that you pat on the outside. She opted to paint it. I really like the streams coming down the volcano's sides.
Tomorrow we'll "blow its top." Actually you just put baking soda and vinegar in the little well in the top, along with red food coloring, if you like.  Julia stated that she's very dissatisfied with this approach. Her study of volcanoes told her that they erupt because of tectonic pressure and heat, and she wants (one day) to make a volcano that replicates the same causes, not vinegar and baking soda. Picky, picky.

Terror Mountain will be no more!

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