Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Tea Tables

Today is the Christmas Tea at church! We ladies met yesterday to set the tables, so that no one would be frantically doing it at the last minute, today. I thought you'd like to see some of the nine tables that we assembled.
Here's some lovely china that Miss B. has had for about 40 years.
Here's my table. Mother did the gorgeous centerpiece. The napkins, glasses and silver are hers. All the china is mine. This is my fine wedding china, Rosemeade by Mikasa. The white teapot is my everyday pattern, Manior by Villeroy and Boch. The chintz teapot Adam bought for me in Galena, Illinois at a wonderfully aromatic tea shop in the old downtown.
The little rose dish (I have four of them) was given to me by my grandmother who used to work in the china department at the Diamond Department store in Charleston, WV, many years ago. The little bird creamer came from Womble Inn, in Brevard.
Miss S. set her table using her mother's old Christmas china. There are clear salad plates on top, with a clear beaded edge -- so nice!
A close up:
Miss N. set such a festive table! I love all this gold and color.
Here's her rich Christmas china. I love this!
Miss D. used some Italian china she's enjoyed. She has fun napkin rings and place name holders.
And she has this adorable cozy. I love tea cozies.
Miss J. had a clever Christmas idea for plain cream napkins -- a sprig of cedar. Isn't that beautiful?
Miss P. pulled out this fine teapot. I love the butter yellow and the full pattern.
Miss. C. brought her Spode Christmas china, always a favorite. I wanted Spode Christmas when I married, but there was china enough, and I just had to keep wishing.
I've always loved this Lenox pattern that Miss P. brought. I believe a dear friend of mine chose this for her wedding china, back twenty years ago (and more) when we were all marrying. Those were fun days, when we could drift through department stores and choose things for other people to buy us.
Here's the group of ladies that made all this loveliness possible. A couple are missing from this photo. Many thanks to all of you for your hard work, creativity, and love of beauty. I'll post pictures of the event itself soon!


  1. So many pretty dishes! I'd like to see the food, please!

  2. Would you pretty please ask Miss D who the maker of her Italian Christmas china is? It is beyond beautiful!

  3. Would you pleass ask Miss D the maker and patern of her Italian china? It is beyond beautiful!

  4. Hi Rhonda -- Thanks for asking :) I remember that beautiful pattern from that Christmas. I saw Miss D. this morning at church and asked her about it. She says on the back of the plates is only this: "hand painted in Italy." Sorry about that! I wish I'd taken a close-up shot of one of the plates. She also said there was a number on the back of the plate, which she didn't recall this morning. If she emails me more info, I'll put it here. It is very pretty, and she said she's had other people ask her. She did say the dishes are rather old.

    1. I just figured out that its not Miss D's but Miss N's. It's the ones w all of the gold and red ribbons and red berries w pine cones. Sorry! Thanks for helping!

  5. Hi again, Rhonda -- It looks like it might be Tiffany Co., Garland-Cream pattern, or something very like it. Here's a link/address for Replacements Ltd. that carries some of the pieces, and you can see what they look like:
    Good luck!!

  6. Can you tell me the maker and pattern on Miss N's table? I LOVE that china! Your table and centerpiece were beautiful! I found this on Pinterest.

    1. I did some hunting online, and I found it! It is Tiffany's Holiday Pattern. Very, very beautiful, I agree. I bet it's a bit pricey.

  7. The Italian China, I think is Crate & Barrel from 25-30 years ago. My friend registered for this pattern. I fell in love with it, but, at the time could not afford to buy it. I have searched on and off over the years looking for vintage Crate & Barrel floral pattern, made in Italy, but have never found it. This is the first time I have seen a pic since then.


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