Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Childlike Christmas

This is Week 3 of Pom Pom's "A Childlike Christmas." This week, I would like to say that a Childlike Christmas is full of light. Especially candlelight. This simple candle was at our Christmas Tea.
And you remember this photo from yesterday. Would the Christmas Village be nearly so wonderful, without lights?
I love candles. But candlelight is at its most beautiful in the darkness.
One lone candle, or lots and lots of them --
Many enjoy an Advent Wreath this season. The slow sinking of the candles reminds us of the wait for the Savior's coming. Some waited in darkness for centuries.
Children also love electric lights, and in large quantities!
This is a chance for the Christmas spirit to express itself creatively, and a way to share with one's neighbors the glorious exuberance of Christmas!
I love well-lit downtowns at this time of year. Do you go out driving, looking for lights?
But even the simple glow of tree lights in one's living room is enough to bring on the pensive, peaceful, happy spirit that Christmas should be full of. He is born. Peace is coming. God is reconciled to us again. There is every reason for good cheer.
Only in the darkness are these lights bursting with their full power. God put the light of His infant Son into this dark world. No wonder children love Christmas lights!


  1. It's true! The lights are such a holy invitation. We will go for a drive soon and look at all the havens of light that we don't see in the daytime.

  2. As I read this post I have the dining room to my left, with just the tree lights shining strong n the cold darkness. What a poet you are!


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