Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wherein Ladies Drink Tea

Welcome, ladies! The candles are lit, the kettles are steaming, the scones are warm, and your place is waiting.
Many dear friends smiled and hugged.
The plates of delicacies were already on the tables. You see here a pumpkin muffin with insert of cream cheese, chocolate peppermint pot-du-creme, fruit skewer, chicken salad on roll, maple scone, spinach sandwich in the center, and chocolate-dipped shortbread on the edge.
The brilliant Christmas table, what a welcome sight!
Miss J.'s table, with her blue cloth and her Christmas egg tree:
I love the candlelight of Christmas.
Dear friends in the kitchen were servants to the rest and prepared the plates and the Assam and raspberry teas.
Young ladies came to refresh their spirits after a long semester of academics.
Young girls, adorable and sweet, came to learn the art of tea-drinking from their olders and betters :)
And some girls got to sit by a grandmother.
The new tea cozy made her first appearance, and she performed well.
See the glow of the tea light, in the teapot warmer?
An army of these little fellows appeared, and each took his place next to a plate. Aren't they a joy? Our pastor's wife made one for each lady.


  1. Fun! All the food DOES look yummy! You must put your feet up tomorrow, MK!

  2. What a lovely tea party. All beauty and splendor and delicousness.



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