Monday, December 5, 2011


Adam's lasagna, as promised:
Only, it isn't. I told him it didn't fill the house with the same enticing aroma. I was a tad disappointed. But he was working with inferior ingredients. I told him I had lasagna noodles, and I did. But they were made from (I kid you not) Jerusalem artichoke flour. Hmm. They were rather gummy. And he used the same canned tomatoes that we use weekly for our pizza sauce. I do love it on pizza; it's Del Monte diced tomatoes, the basil/oregano flavor. But it's not Adam's lasagna sauce. Boohoo!!!
So, here's how Adam usually makes his lasagna sauce:
About 30-32 oz. of tomato sauce (one large, or two regular, cans)
Finely minced garlic (3 or 4 big cloves), mushed up in a bit of salt
Oregano and basil to taste, quite a bit of basil, he says
1 lb. of pork sausage, cooked and chopped fine
Heat the sauce well before adding to the lasagna casserole.

The 3rd thing that wasn't right about tonight's lasagna was the pork. I usually just buy a lb. package of sausage in the cylinder shape. Tonight's pork wasn't flavored correctly; it didn't taste like your normal mild Jimmy Dean or a comparable brand.

So. Next time!! We will use normal noodles, normal sausage, and Adam's fabulous-smelling sauce. Yes!

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