Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Julia Decorates

Yesterday afternoon, Julia went downstairs and retrieved Grandmother's little Christmas tree. Often, my mother puts it away for the year, covered in a sheet with all its ornaments still hanging. But this year, it was bare, and Julia had the delight of decorating it.
There's a particular joy that comes with digging into one's Christmas boxes each winter. I won't get to do that with my holiday stuff this year, but Julia enjoyed doing Grandmother's.
More little houses. Aren't they sweet?
Are you all done with your home's decorations? Baking? Shopping? I've barely begun any of that. It'll all be this week. Our family will be house-sitting for some friends for the next few weeks, so we'll need to settle into our celebrations over there, get down to some serious baking, and enjoy town shopping after Philip gets here (hopefully tonight). Today, we are wreathed in fog.


  1. Oh, it looks like Julia had fun! I haven't baked yet. I'm still pondering what we need (more calories!)
    I finished a sweater today and I'm so proud of myself! Now I am motivated to knit and crochet, sew and iron. Take some pictures of your housesitting gig. Does Sandy get to come too?

  2. Hi, MK! I just wanted to walk through that wide open red door (great love), plump myself down on the sofa and avail of that cup of tea! Now, can I just say how very, very much I have been enjoying your blog. I am only sorry that it took the Willows to introduce us. I am luxuriating these past weeks in the warmth of your words and pictures, the richness of your life and faith. Merry Christmas, wherever you may be- you will, I am sure, take the joy of the season wherever you go! Mx

  3. I loved helping my Mom set up all of her Christmas stuff...and am now glad to pass the enjoyment down to my own kiddos! Enjoy your holidays with family! Merry Christmas!


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