Thursday, December 29, 2011


Morning mist along the Blue Ridge:
This is an awful, fuzzy picture, but we moms have to be sneaky, when photographing our kids. This shows just what the kids are doing over their Christmas break: vegging.
Anna is in the chair. Julia is on the far couch, and Peter on the near one. Philip was seated at the table next to me. Two were on laptops, and two were reading. Yep, we're taking it easy.
Adam, however, has been working all week, sitting with his elderly friend while the usual sitter is on vacation. It's a good bonus for him. Plus, he's not nibbling on all the holiday treats all day, as the rest of us are. Somebody really needs to remove the chocolate from the house!!

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  1. No kidding! I quite agree about the chocolate busters appearing and taking all the goodness away until Valentine's Day!


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