Monday, December 12, 2011

Thank you, Bonnie!

Earlier this year, we traveled to a deep Southern state for Adam to candidate at a church. Through that trip, a dear lady named Bonnie found my blog, and she just mailed me this fabulous gift box from her trees:
I am "over the moon" with happiness!! Thank you so much, Bonnie! Pecans are my very favorite nut, and pecan pie is Adam's favorite pie. Now, I'll have to make one (or three) and post the recipe and pics, right? Yippee! Just in time for holiday baking. I can't tell you how kind and generous this gift is.

And just so you know, I haven't entirely given up cooking, or bread baking. I made two loaves today.
After all the frantic, fun activity of last week, I needed a day (at least) to stay home in almost-pajamas, and do homey things. I didn't stay in bed and sit around eating chocolates, oh no! I finished laundry, taught Julia, made bread, practiced piano, washed and packed away my china dishes from the tea, and crocheted a little. Tonight? Hmm. Popcorn and a movie, I hope.

Have a peaceful, blessed week. When something happens that causes distress or breaks relationships, look it square in the face, call it SIN, and turn your back on it and look for the Lord's peace. It's always there, we just have a hard time finding it, don't we!?

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  1. Those pecans looks perfect! Your bread does, too!


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