Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sandy and the Squirrels

This was the view from my window, yesterday morning. The big knobby mountain is Toxaway. See the twinkling lights? Those are actually the rooftops in early morning sun.
One of the first things I do is put out fresh seed for the birds and the squirrels. The furry rodents are much more assertive, and they get their way with the seed. They fight, chatter and squabble with each other, and rattle the screens. The poor birdies must make do with whatever they can find, when the squirrels aren't looking.
See this fellow? The squirrels have all found a way inside the cage around this feeder. The gray squirrels climb up under the bottom; they're very agile. The red American squirrels can actually squeeze through those squares in the wire. Can you imagine?
This is an American red.
This is the squirrels' view also. Do you think they notice? Would they just as soon live in Florida? Pittsburgh? Boston? I wouldn't.
But poor Sandy. She's a squirrel-chaser from way back. She was standing in front of this glass door yesterday morning, watching about five squirrels happily nibbling their breakfasts. It drove her crazy. Finally, in a moment of madness, Adam opened the door. Sandy flashed out with a roaring bark!
Yep. Those squirrels vanished into thin air -- poof!!! They did not return all that day. Did they collapse from terror? This morning, I think perhaps three brave ones ventured back to their buffet on the deck with the impossible view.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone. May you wake to great joy as you consider that God decided to rescue you, over 2000 years before you were ever born, and He used a most unexpected, unlikely baby to do it. Doesn't He have an imagination?

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  1. Go Sandy go! I need her at my house.
    I'm so glad that you and your dear family are nice and snug as you celebrate Christmas!


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