Thursday, December 29, 2011

Product Post: The Hair Wrap

This is one great Christmas gift! When Anna came home from college, she was sporting one of these hair wraps on her head, after a shower:
She bought it at Dollar Tree. Yeah, you know, the real dollar store, where everything is actually $1!
I asked her how it was working for her. Anna has mountains of hair, and anything that can contain that mop must be good. She likes it because it's made of microfiber, so it dries very quickly. She was tired of drying her hair with a still-damp towel from the day (or two) before.

It hangs on your bathroom rack.
It's shaped rather like a long, pointed cone. After washing your hair, you hang your head down, and drape your hair over, as if you were going to twist it up in a regular towel. The larger end of the wrap cups around the back of your head. Then you just tuck the loose ends of wet hair into the rest of the wrap neatly. It's easy. Then you give the wrap a couple of gentle twists to enclose the hair, stand up straight again, lay the twisted tail down the center of your head, and attach the loop (on the pointed end) to the button (on the back of your head).
A real live demo. What I like about this wrap is that it's so light-weight. A full-sized towel on my head gets heavy after a few minutes, and makes my neck ache. I could wear this for hours, comfortably. It dries quickly. It costs a dollar. I bought one for me, one for Julia, one for Mother. Head for Dollar Tree!

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