Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Old Hankies

Years ago, Adam's grandmother gave he her old hankies. I don't really use hankies, but I think I might change my practice. I saw my mother use a hanky from her purse a few weeks ago, and I thought, "Hm. That's kind of sweet." So, without further ado, here are some beauties. These are only seven out of about 30 that she gave me.
This one is very thin and sheer.
A fabric flower garden:

I think this is my favorite one -- so unique! No flowers, but fun designs.


  1. I LOVE old hankies, though I'd never use one for its intended purpose. (blech - have to hand wash THAT?!) I've been collecting some to give out at Éowyn's next birthday - a Felicity party- as favors. Old linens are my weakness, not shoes.

    Hope the move goes smoothly.

  2. I love hankies, too! I tie them together and make headbands/sweatbands. Your hankies are lovely, MK!

  3. Yay! I'm thinking of beginning a "Hanky Club" for ladies who don't want to see these tiny linens relegated to the dustbin of history! Hanky-lovers unite! :)
    Carolyn, actually I would be fine with using them for the runny nose, but I wouldn't hand wash them either. Machine washing for that kind of thing!!


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