Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Anchorage Menagerie

Adam and I love to have little dates down at the village anchorage. We have a small anchorage since the Oriental Harbor Marina was built. We love to sit and watch the boats, folks tootling about in dinghies, the water and weather.
Sandy likes to come too, and we don't mind her tagging along on our dates. :) We sit on these nice benches there.
Sometimes we drive over, which allows us to stay until sunset and see the marina dock lights reflecting in the water and hear the swoosh and slap of the water on the hulls, which seems louder at dusk.
Mimosa trees grow by the anchorage and marina. They're blooming now.
They seem so Caribbean to me, so Floridian. Am I on vacation? No -- I'm home!
In full bloom today ~
Trumpet vine covers the rocks below at the water line.
Today Julia walked to the anchorage with Adam, and I rode my bike.
I'm glad to say my girl is still a tree-climber!
Sandy likes her girl better on the ground, where she can play with her.
Sitting by the dinghy dock, overlooking the anchorage and enjoying the boats in their slips -- that's a simple, free, delightful date. And we can have one as often as we like!

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